Runaway Villages 

Transitional Housing to Create 
Soft Landing in Paradise 

Don’t become a housing horror story

I’ve heard and seen dozens of horror stories of new arrivals who booked a dream apartment online, paying huge deposits in advance, only to discover that the property they were promised is not what was delivered. 

Too late they learn that the internet really doesn’t work...or there really isn’t the pool access as promised... or that the location is noisy and congested...or the housing is gloomy or poorly lit...or has no parking...or no closets...or no hot next to a smelly dump…has a double bed instead of a king...or is next to a noisy construction site...or any of a hundred different conditions that destroy the joy of your new home.

Your hassle-free co-living community

Housing in paradise can be wonderful, plentiful, and amazingly affordable. But it can also be challenging, unhappy, frustrating, and overpriced if you don’t find the right home and landlord. It takes a while to fit into the ecosystem of the local market, discover what kind of housing is available in your price range, and find the right location that meets your needs.

We’ve created Runaway Villages to provide transitional housing to meet your needs when you first arrive so you know exactly what to expect, what it will cost, where you will live, and what services and amenities you will receive. 

You can stay for a month, 6 months, or practically forever, for an affordable fixed rate, payable in dollars into a US bank account. 

And you will meet other like-minded individuals also transitioning to paradise, to create a strong bond of friendship, and experience many fun community activities together.

Each Runaway Village transitional housing community has a unique look and feel, and customized services, based on the geography, layout, physical facilities, and local conditions of each different market.

Runaway Villages changes the way you move to paradise, with the guarantee of a clean, comfortable apartment with lots of services and abundant socialization opportunities with like-minded travelers


  • Singles or couples planning to move to paradise, and not sure about their long term housing needs
  • ​Single women and men trying to get by on a fixed income
  •  Workers of any age seeking geographic freedom from the workplace, and seeking to live and work remotely in a place of your choosing
  • Sun lovers and snow birds being priced out of desirable US retirement locations, especially during winter tourist season
  • ​New arrivals looking to meet other like-minded adventurers and create a vibrant new lifestyle
  • ​Anyone seeking hassle-free housing with no maintenance or worries
  • ​People more interested in adventures than "stuff"
  • ​Security-conscious singles seeking a safe environment to spread their wings

All Runaway Villages Communities Deliver on The Same Promise:

  •  Clean, comfortable , reliable housing in a pleasant property
  • ​ Monthly apartment or efficiency rental at a low constant fixed price
  • ​ Excellent customer service and attention to residents’ needs
  • A full suite of services to ensure your smooth landing in paradise
  • ​Excellent high-speed internet and Wi-Fi, with US and Canadian TV channels
  • ​Daily social activities on-site to connect with your neighbors and fellow adventurers
  • ​On-site physical activities, lessons and sporting activities
  • ​Frequent group excursions to visit beach clubs, restaurants, historic sites, tourism venues, and more
  • On-site services for massage, manicures and pedicures, haircuts, doctors and nurse visits by English-speaking professionals
  • ​Relocation briefings and assistance to help secure insurance, medical care, immigration services, and much more
  • ​ Community engagement activities so you get out and meet your neighbors and local hosts
  • ​And so much more!

Check out our growing network of Runaway Village Residential Communities:

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